Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Being a Woman is Now a Disease!

So says the Chicago Tribune, in the June 4 issue. Many doctors are now prescribing the Pill to woman and girls in order to suppress menstruation. (I knew several girls in the Catholic high school class I taught who were taking contraceptives to prevent cramps.) This practice is becoming more and more accepted, as women chemically castrate themselves, incidentally making promiscuous men's lives easier. Here is an excerpt: from the article: As dramatic as it is to reduce monthly menses to quarterly events, Sonder believes even four times a year is too much for women not interested in pregnancy.

"The greatest innovation in women's health, in promoting good health and preventing chronic disease has been oral contraceptives," says Sonder, 52, who has been taking a regimen of continuous birth control pills for 11 years. She is a member of the Coalition for Cycle Freedom, a national group of reproductive health professionals who advocate menstrual suppression.

I suppose losing the life of sanctifying grace in one's soul is a small price to pay for the convenience of not having a period. As Thomas More might have said: "It profits a woman nothing if she gain the whole world and lose her soul. But for a period?"

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