Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Reductio ad absurdem on abortion rights and human dignity

Often one hears abortion supporters arguing that one cannot prove that a fetus has a soul and hence is worthy of respect. Never mind that such people don't understand what a soul is (anything that is alive has a soul)--this demand for proof that a fetus is a human life and worthy of respect can be turned around. Read on:

Can you prove that you yourself are a human life, and worthy of respect?

If humans ever have dignity, they always have dignity, from conception to death, since dignity doesn't depend on any faculty or power or usefulness that we have. If it did, humans wouldn't have value in themselves, but only as tools, and then no humans would be "human life" in your terms. If you are a bearer of dignity, worthy of respect as a person, at this moment, then you were yesterday, and the day before, and all the way back to the moment your mother's egg met your father's spermatazoa. If there was some feature you gained that gave you dignity (such as intelligence), then you don't really have dignity, since you are only valued for that feature.

It's all or nothing.

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