Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Oh, how I miss Babylon 5!

Enterprise is particularly tiresome tonight, with the transparent attack on natural law ethics. See, there are Vulcans who practice the "intimacy" of mind-melds. In so partaking, they put themselves at risk for transmitting a fatal disease. The Vulcan doctors don't treat the disease because the sharing of emotions via mind-meld is somehow shameful. T'Pol, the supermodel Vulcan, says "there are no normative definitions of intimacy" or something similar, and makes the case that the discrimination against this minority should end.

The allegory is clear: AIDS should not be a stigma, and homosexual sex is just fine and dandy, since there are no acceptable definitions of intimacy. The first part of the message is true--disease is just disease. But the second is ludicrous. As long as human beings are embodied creatures, the manner in which we use these bodies will have moral implications. There are bodily actions that conduce to real intimacy (the sexual relationship between man and woman) and those that don't. The first are in accord with the good of the person, and so we are able to make moral disctinctions. Never forget that God created you with a body. What you do with that body matters!

P.S. There was a subplot where the alien doctor's wife hits on the chief engineer, who resists because, after all, she is a married alien. The two happy, enlightened Denobulons chuckle as the end credits role--those silly humans, with their rigid moral codes!

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