Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Now that Amy's gone, where will you go?

As you probably know, Amy Welborn (who inspired my own entry into blogging, and who gave me my first link) has quit her blog. Certainly she knows best, and has good reasons. I want to give some suggestions for those of you who, like me, used her as your point of entry into St. Blog's.

First, you could always start here. I have a fairly extensive collection of links, and I am also too narcissistic and lazy to quit blogging. The narcissism keeps me blogging, and the laziness keeps me from blogging so much that I need to quit. But I don't link to many news stories, and only blog about four or five times a week.

You could start with Mark Shea, who is always good, but since he is on the left coast, doesn't start blogging until late in the morning.

Kevin Miller has been quite prolific, linking to many news stories and giving his own good commentary. He is so prolific that when he warns us that he is too busy to blog, he only treats us to ten entries. The difficulty with his site is that his own comments blend in with the news. Perhaps he could change colors?

Victor Lams is very, very strange. Start with him, and you will either get a review of new freeware, braggadocio about his latest Robot song, cutting commentary on television, a brilliant comment or two about the state of the world, or a cryptic reference to Plogging. In any case, you will get a very good laugh.

HMS Blog has no links, but many news stories, and the incomparable Miss Emily Stimpson. Oh, and Greg Popcak posts there too (along with lots of other decent folks).

These are some of my favorite ways to start my blogging day. There are many wonderful blogs, and I have linked to most of my favorites on the left-hand side of the page. I hope sincerely that this community will continue, even without Amy. Perhaps she will still read every now and then. God bless!

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