Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Karen Hall doesn't want to pray for Saddam

See her reasons here. I pray for the evil because we are commanded to love our enemies and do good to those who hurt us. The best thing we can do for people often is to pray for them; this is what Christ did. In that spirit, here is an Orthodox prayer for enemies:

Thou who didst pray for them that crucified thee, O Lord, Lover of the souls of men, and who didst command thy servants to pray for their enemies, forgive those who hate and maltreat us, and turn our lives from all harm and evil to brotherly love and good works: for this we humbly bring our prayer, that with one accord and one heart we may glorify thee who alone lovest mankind.

As thy first martyr Stephen prayed to thee for his murderers, O Lord, so we fall before thee and pray: forgive all who hate and maltreat us and let not one of them perish because of us, but all be saved by thy grace, O God the all-bountiful.


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