Saturday, February 08, 2003

I got a nice letter from Bishop Weigand

A while back, I wrote a letter to Bishop Weigand commending him on his firm stand with regard to Governor Davis's pro-abortion position. Here's my letter:

I was very heartened to hear that you have told Governor Davis either to change his support for abortion or to refrain from taking communion. Those of us who do our best to defend the Church's teaching on the sanctity of life are often saddened by the silence of our bishops in the face of betrayals by Catholic politicians. Your witness to Christ has been like water in the desert.

I heard that the governor's spokesman said: "There are a lot of Catholics who are pro-choice. Does the bishop want all Catholics to stop receiving Holy Communion? Who's going to be left in church?" The thought occurred to me that you in the diocese of Sacramento may lose donations from people offended by your witness to the Truth. I am enclosing a donation to support your work so as to defray any drop-off.

God bless you, Bishop Weigand; I hope other bishops will follow your lead.

Here is Bishop Weigand's gracious response:

Dear Doctor Schudt:

This is to acknowledge your letter of support and generous contribution. [That's very nice of him. My contribution was small, since I don't make any money.] Know that your gift will be given to support the diocesan respect life program. I am most grateful for your prayers and support and I encourage you to continue to pray that the "Gospel of Life" may be proclaimed loudly and clearly.

Be assured of my heartfelt prayers and best wishes.

Sincerely in Christ, William K. Wiegand, Bishop of Sacramento.

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