Thursday, January 02, 2003

Various thoughts occasioned by an ultrasound

I went with my wife today to the doctor for her ultrasound. As I was sitting there watching my baby swim around (did I tell you? We're pregnant! At least, she is pregnant.) I had a number of thoughts running through my mind. Since I have a blog, I decided to share them with you.

First, I fell in love with my child immediately. Even at this early stage, the face is recognizably my wife's face. What a joy it is to be able to help God create a new life!

Second, I became very angry. There are people who are willing to take babies just like our wonderful new child, suck them out of the womb, and chop them into little bits. Children that are the same age or older than the child I saw today in the doctor's office are fair game for abortionists to murder. This is an unspeakable crime against God and man. I've always believed that abortion was wrong, but now I feel it, viscerally.

Third, I thought about the war on terror. Yes, it is likely that this is a fight we must fight. There are barbaric nations and people who do not believe in the dignity of human life, and are willing to kill innocents for the sake of a few acres of desert. They must be stopped, for justice's sake. But as I thought about my little baby being ripped out of its mother and chopped up, I wondered whether or not we Americans were not the most barbaric nation of all. We are willing to kill innocents for the sake of mere convenience.

Yes, we must fight the war on terror abroad. But we also must fight the war on children here. Please, pray for an end to abortion. Read Evangelium vitae and Humanae vitae, and do your best to convince your friends, your family, and your coworkers about the glorious value of human life. If you contracept, recognize you are part of the problem, and stop. Vote pro-life. Compliment your priest if he preaches the teachings of the Church, and chide him gently if he does not. We must repent, or we will lose this war.

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