Tuesday, January 14, 2003

The Two Towers, in a few words

Here is my thumbnail sketch of a review: Yes, it was very good. Yes, the books were better. Yes, there are changes in the plot, both elisions and additions. No, this doesn't bother me.

As I surf the net (much too often), I notice many Tolkien fans complaining about the way that Peter Jackson has changed things from the book. The scenes with the Ents are abbreviated, the details of the battle at Helm's Deep are changed, and the scenes with Arwen are invented. All of these accusations are true. But what these criticisms fail to see is that movies that slavishly attempt to follow every scene in the book upon which they are based are almost inevitably boring: consider the two abysmal Harry Potter movies. Further, the changes do nothing to effect the general theme and direction of the work.

If you miss the Entmoot, there is a simple solution: re-read the books!

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