Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Circular Reasoning

I've been engaging in some debates in other forums with various people who have left or are thinking of leaving the Church. (Some have left already, and just don't know it.) In any case quite often they will say something like this:

1. How can the Pope be infallible in faith and morals? He's just human, and humans are by nature fallible. Humans cannot have certainty in moral matters.

But then they also say something like this:

2. I am certain that the Church is wrong about contraception, or abortion, or gay rights, or fasting.

Do you see the contradiction? There can be no certainty in moral matters, but yet I am certain! That doesn't make any sense. Either certainty is possible, in which case the Church might be right, or certainty is impossible, in which case you can never say for sure that the Church is wrong.

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