Friday, November 22, 2002

Favorite links for a friday

One of my favorite links for research purposes is the Perseus Project at Tufts University. They have assembled a large collection of classical texts in Greek and Latin with English translations. The best thing is that the Greek and Latin words are hyperlinked to dictionaries and morphologies, so that even if you haven't had Latin in thirty years, you could still poke your way through Cicero, clicking on all the words you don't remember. They also have both the Vulgate and the Greek New Testament, which is especially useful when one gets frustrated with lousy bible translations and wants to read the real thing.

My new favorite link is courtesy of the Old Oligarch. There is an online museum called the Art Renewal Center that has lots of good old-fashioned representational artwork. Spend some time browsing through the collection and I am sure you will be delighted. My new desktop background is Vibert's "Un scandale," which, besides being funny, is a good reminder to me that I should keep custody of my eyes.

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