Friday, October 18, 2002

Lunchtime Confessions

Fr. George Rutler has some things to say about confession:

Fr. Rutler stressed to the audience the need for and the importance of confessions. “If you only knew what happens in the confessional during lunch hours throughout the week; how lives are changed. So often when I feel I have to leave the confessional because either it’s too hot in there or I’ve had too much tea,” quipped Fr. Rutler, “somebody comes in and says ‘Bless me Father, I’ve never been to confession before,’ or ‘Bless me Father, it’s been thirty years.’ The life-changing confessions that happen every day would absolutely astonish our media. It’s absolutely true that when a priest has the urge to leave the confessional, it is the devil trying to get him out. It is a tremendous compliment the devil pays the Catholic Church.”

I don't know if I have any priests reading this blog, but if so, I plead: get your rear end into the confessional, several times a week, perhaps even daily. Think about it: if mortal sin is the death of the soul (it is), then absolution is resurrection. You can bring people back to life! It breaks my heart that priests only schedule confessions for half an hour on Saturdays. Who lights a lamp and hides it under a basket?

What is the common element of all priest saints? They heard lots and lots of confessions.

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