Sunday, June 09, 2002

I have a blogging block
and can't think of anything in particular to say. So I am going to give you a prayer from the end of the Paraclisis, which is a Byzantine liturgical prayer for times of great distress. I believe that recent months certainly suffice. The Byzantine Daily Worship book says that this office "consists in hymns of supplication to obtain consolation and courage. It should be recited in times of temptation, discouragement, or sickness." The last few months certainly are a time of discouragement for me, and I imagine it is true for many of you as well. Here is the concluding prayer:

Gracious Virgin, victory will come to those who put their trust in the strength of your arm, for we sinners who stoop with the wight of our sins have none before God to plead for us but you.

O Mother of God most high, we bend our knee to you: deliver your faithful servatns from every kind of trouble.

You are joy to the distressed, you are strength to the oppressed, you are food to those who sink into despair.

You console all the strangers, you support all the blind, and you come and visit all the sick. You are shelter to the weary, you are comfort to the crushed, you are heavenly assistance to the orphans.

You are the Mother of God most high, and so we pray to you: hasten, O immaculate one, and save your faithful servants!

In you is all my hope, O Mother of God: place me under the wings of your protection

Through the prayers of our holy Fathers, O Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us and save us. Amen.

If you are interest in the whole Office of Paraclisis, you can look here. It is an Orthodox monastery in England, and they appear to have a large collection of liturgical texts there. To make the prayers Catholic, just pray for the pope when the litanies pray for the bishop and patriarch.

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